Citroen offers attractive interest rates special to April for all models with powerful design, superior comfort features and advanced technology. It will be possible to have the Citroen comfort with a loan of up to 100 thousand TL or zero interest rates.

New Citroen as part of the campaign C5 Aircross SUV, Starting from 327 thousand TL valid on prices and selected models Special 15-month 1.19 percent interest for 100 thousand TL with the opportunity, it is located in Citroen authorized dealers.

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Offering a combination of compact size, usefulness and large internal volume Berlingo‘yes 12 months zero interest for 55 thousand TL it will be possible to have with the opportunity.

Citroen C3, 12-month zero percent interest opportunity for 50 thousand TL, and Prices starting from 160 thousand TL It is located in Citroen authorized dealers.

Of all Citroen light commercial models equipped with efficient and economical BlueHDi engines, Berlingo Van is offered for sale for 155 thousand 500 TL and 12 months zero interest opportunity for 55 thousand TL, and the Jumper model is offered for sale with a 12-month zero interest opportunity for 80 thousand TL.




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