I have done a very successful job with Westworld published on HBO. Jonathan Nolan ve Lisa Joynew project of The Peripheralstaff has been determined.

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The first names from the cast of the series, which will tell the side story of The Boys, have been announced.

Announced in the past years and the leading actor in 2020, the new Amazon dizisi The PeripheralNew names joined the staff of the company and in this way, the whole staff was determined. Before that Jack Reynor ve Chloë Grace MoretzIt was known that he would play the leading roles. Participating now actors and roles T’Nia Miller (Cherise), JJ Feild (Lev), Charlotte Riley (Aelita), Adelind Horan (Billy Ann Baker) and Alex Hernandez (Tommy Constantine).

Following photos of all the players You can find it in the gallery section. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are the production will undertake. TV series The Peripheral, William Gibsonpublished in 2014 science fiction-thriller It will be adapted from the novel in genre. The series will set in the near future, when technology is slowly beginning to change society.

Known for the scriptwriting and creativity of the film, A Simple Plan Scott B. Smithdirected by Cube Vincenzo Natali will undertake. The release date is not yet clear.


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