Publishing and developing Square EnixRemastered version of the JRPG genre SaGa Frontier made by SaGa Frontier RemasteredThe gameplay video was shared from.

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Originally released in 1998 SaGa FrontieRenewed version of r SaGa Frontier Remastered, 15 Nisan’da It will be released for iOS and Android. Also of the game PlayStation 4 ve Nintendo Switch Let’s also state that it will be published for. Unfortunately your game is on mobile shop pages not opened. That’s why the details of the game are unknown. You can find the aforementioned video and promotional article of the game below.

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Introductory Letter

SaGa Frontier, the popular RPG classic of 1998; Reborn with revamped graphics, additional features and a new main character! Experience the role-playing adventure through his eyes by choosing one of eight heroes, each with their own story and goals. Create your own unique adventure with the Free Scenario system. Take part in dramatic battles, gain new skills using the Glimmer system, and strike simultaneously with those of your allies!

New Features

  • New Main Character Fuse!

Once the necessary conditions are met, you will be able to play with the new main character Fuse! Fuse’s story, overflowing with loads of new content, is accompanied by great new music from Kenji Ito! You will discover a different side of the other main characters.

  • Phantom Intermediate Scenes Finally Added

Some cutscenes have been added to the story of Asellus. Experience the story like never before.

  • Enhanced Graphics and Brand New Features

The user interface has been updated and improved as well as improved high resolution graphics. Many new features have been added that offer a smoother gameplay experience, including the double speed mode.

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