We can say that iMessage is one of the most important weapons that connects Apple’s ecosystem. IMessage, which works on Mac, iPhone and iPad systems, comes by default, so there is no need to download it from the store. It also leaves no need for third-party applications.

Imagine iMessage Android

Apple Music ve Apple TV Such revenue-playing applications are also offered to the Android ecosystem, but iMessage has never been in question. The truth has emerged in the monopoly case between Epic Games and Apple.

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Epic Games As will be remembered, he opposed Apple’s payment cuts in the Fortnite game and attempted to receive payments through his own platform. As a result, it was banned from the App Store. Epic Games, which claims that Apple is exercising a heavy monopoly, has filed a lawsuit in the past months and the trials are ongoing.

One of Epic Games’ defense files was on iMessage. The renowned developer claimed that Apple’s iMessage app remained only in its own ecosystem in order to provide monopoly and not lead to Android devices.

The statements made by Apple executives confirm this. In 2013, the iMessage Android version began to be developed behind closed doors, but was canceled for fear of driving consumers away. It is stated that Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi are especially against these studies. The binary believed that the Android version would harm the ecosystem.

Statements may affect the jury in the Epic Games case, but sources state that there is nothing against the law. Apple states this in the contracts, and the developers acknowledge it. In this respect, the developer has the right to not choose and apply to other stores. Still, it does not change the fact that Apple made critical decisions to block its rival.





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