The Star Trek series is getting ready to return to the big screen after a long break. According to the producer studio Paramount’s statement, the next Star Trek movie will meet with moviegoers in 2023. The release date is now 9 June 2023 is set to.

We currently have no information on the details of the new Star Trek movie. The movie is expected to come with a brand new cast and story. Paramount has been making new plans for Star Trek for a while, as the latest movies on the big screen did not meet the expectations at the box office.

Multiple projects have emerged in recent years for the new Star Trek movie. One of them, and perhaps the most exciting, was the R-Rated (+18) Star Trek movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. However, this project of Tarantino was canceled in 2019 due to undisclosed reasons.

Paramount announced in a statement last month that Kalinda Vazquez, co-author of Star Trek: Discovery, is preparing a script for a new Star Trek movie. It is currently unknown whether Vazquez’s new project is the same as the Star Trek movie, which will be released in 2023.




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