One of the most striking features of iPhones, although many people may not pay attention, is the uniformity of the alignment of the speaker grilles, ports, camera housing, and buttons. Although Apple has not deviated from this line for years Printing error corresponding to 1 in 100 million Perhaps for the first time, the Apple logo on an iPhone was placed trapezoidal.

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Apple logo placed trapezoid

The model, which is the subject of an interesting design error, was recorded as the iPhone 11 Pro. The Apple logo has shifted to the right due to a design error caused by manufacturing. iPhone 11 Pro came off the tape and met with the user.

The fact that Apple, known for its heavy quality tests, made such a mistake hit the person who bought the wrongly manufactured iPhone like a lottery. Because the Apple logo is printed incorrectly, the iPhone 11 Pro is 2.7 times the normal sales price. $ 2,700 sold.




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