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Almost all of Google’s revenue today comes from the online advertising industry, and the firm is very sensitive about it. Unable to tolerate the slightest decrease in income, the firm eliminates its competitors by using all possible options.

What is Project Bernanke?

The fact that the state of Texas started to investigate Google’s monopoly on the advertising side revealed some interesting findings. Project Bernanke A secret system called Google’s ad sales platform is advantageous.

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Those who want to advertise usually Google Ads uses various advertising platforms, especially. However, if you want to open suitable areas on your website for advertising, this time you need to meet the buyers on the platforms called market places and open them to auction. Because it is very important to display the ads to the users in a focused way and it also affects the visits.

Google acquired the DoubleClick trading platform in 2008 Google Ad Manager He named it as. DoubleClick It covers 55 percent of ad exchanges today, and there are around 2 million websites on the Google Display Network network. In other words, almost 90 percent of the sites suitable for advertising are under the umbrella of Google.

Of course, this is not enough for Google, and this is where Project Bernanke comes into play. Bernanke, aiming to steal good advertising spaces from its competitors by following the advertisers, was quite successful.

According to reports, Google, which monitors publishers’ advertising networks, can find high auction prices with the data it obtains. It then uses this information to enable its customers to buy domains at higher prices than competing advertising networks.

Win-win, that is, this system, won by both the customer and Google, was evaluated by Texas courts as Insider Trading, in other words, providing benefits. It is stated that Bernanke made 230 million dollars to Google in 2013.

Google, on the other hand, states that everything is suitable for its book and that the data collected is easy and comparable to be obtained by other platforms. Project Bernanke is not open to everyone yet, and the course of the investigation will allow us to learn more about Project Bernanke.

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