Turkcell The majority of customers have not been able to make calls over the mobile line for about 2 hours. Many users cannot make calls. Even if a call is made, the negotiations are interrupted. Turkcell announced that they are aware of the problem and are trying to solve it.

Experienced network problem but does not affect all users in Turkey, Turkcell is a problem for many regions the vast majority of customers has been affected by this issue. There is no interruption in mobile internet and messages. Network problem If you are living, you can use Internet calling applications such as WhatsApp.

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In the statement made by @TurkcellHizmet on his Twitter account, “This situation is happening due to a technical problem. The subject is being reviewed by our relevant team. The necessary procedures will be completed as soon as possible. We ask you to check again in the following hours, thank you for your understanding. ” statement was included.

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