Observing the path after Ryzen 5000 processors Cezanne APUs also detailed. However, we will have to wait a bit for the new chips.

AMD after a long time Ryzen 5000G He removed the cover over his APUs. As expected, the most striking title of the new APU family is the processor. 7 nm Zen 3 The chips updated with their cores thus overcome the core i7-10700 up to 38% performance increase in content production offers.

While the improvement in computational scenarios is 80%, the gaming experience achieved with the Vega iGPU is also highly improved. Against your opponent in the games 117% fast For APUs in the position, it is not unnoticed that AMD mentioned an easy way to upgrade with an external graphics card in the future.

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All of the chips Configurable TDP of 45-65 watts It will come with its budget. Ryzen 3 5300G According to TDP, it can rise to 4.0-4.2 GHz. 4/8 yonga 2 MB L2 + 8 MB L3 It will come with an iGPU consisting of 6 CUs running at 1.7 GHz while backed by cache.

6/12 Ryzen 5 5600G if 3 MB L2 ve 16 MB L3 When combined with the cache, the 3.9-4.4 GHz boost frequency is specified. In the iGPU header, the GPU consisting of 7 CUs will serve at 1.9 GHz.

The most muscular member of the family Ryzen 7 5700G ise 4 MB L2 + 16 MB L3 cached APU. The Vega iGPU accompanying the chip, which can increase to 3.8-4.6 GHz boost values At 2.0 GHz with 8 processing units will serve.

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Finally, AMD is using Ryzen 5000G APUs for now. To OEM manufacturers opener. According to the company’s description to the end of the year correct new APUs on the shelves we can see.


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