Apple is expected to debut in September iPhone 13 While continuing its preparations for the iPhone 14 and 15 on the other hand continues to work. TFI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in the future He released a new report containing his predictions about iPhone models.

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According to the experienced analyst, the Cupertino company will launch in 2023 iPhone models. from notched design plans to get rid of it completely. So the front camera and Face ID sensors for face recognition system to the bottom of the screen will be placed. For now, it’s hard to guess how Apple engineers will implement the under-screen Face ID system.

The fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen is also being developed

The company also on its smartphones embedded in the screen It also plans to offer a fingerprint scanner. According to the information transferred, Apple’s under-screen Touch ID system may first appear on the iPhone 13.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic wearing a mask it becomes compulsory in the selection of smartphones “fingerprint scanner“It has made Apple’s Touch ID a more modern format for iPhones.” turn back It is stated that it will make all the effort for it.




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