The interior and some technical details of the electric Mercedes-Benz EQSObviously, there was only one exterior design that we had not seen. The expected day has come and the electric luxury sedan is now in full detail.

Mercedes-Benz EQS is rising on the brand’s new generation electric vehicle platform, which we will see in the future, the younger brother of this model, EQE. Although the electric luxury sedan approaches the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class with its length of 5265mm, it looks very compact when you look at it. It should be noted that the EQS has an impressive air friction coefficient of 0.20.

The engine options of the Mercedes-Benz EQS that will be available for sale in the first place have been announced before. First in this area EQS 450+ it turns out. This rear-wheel drive version has a single electric motor and this engine produces 333 horsepower and 568 Nm of torque. The 0-100 km / h acceleration of the mentioned version takes 6.2 seconds.

Four-wheel drive option EQS 580 4MATIC+ In the version, electric motors positioned on the front and rear axle produce a total of 524 horsepower and 855 Nm of torque. This version completes the acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 4.3 seconds.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors are used in all versions of the Mercedes-Benz EQS. The maximum speed of the versions is limited to 210 km / h. German brand A 715-horsepower version He also stated that they are working on it, but for now, much is unclear about this issue. This version also AMG expected to bear the badge.

On all-wheel drive versions of the EQS Torque Shift It includes a function called. It is stated that the system in question responds faster than a mechanical system in managing torque distribution. It is said that the system, which is said to control 10 thousand times per minute for optimum torque distribution, generally increases the efficiency on the range by ensuring the use of the most efficient motor.

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In the luxury electric sedan model A large 107.8 kWh battery package. Battery EQS positioned parallel to the floor according to WLTP Up to 770 kilometers ensures that he has the driving range. The German brand announced that the 90 kWh small battery option will also be among the options for the rear-wheel drive versions. These batteries consist of 10 or 12 modules according to their capacity.

It is stated that the system, in which the 400 volt architecture is used, has high energy density and increases the charging performance to a higher level thanks to its smart thermal management system. The battery management software in the EQS is constantly up-to-date thanks to OTA (over-the-air) update support, while an energy-absorbing enclosure and double-layer baseplate increase safety in the event of any accident. In addition, Mercedes gives a 10-year / 250,000 km warranty to the battery.

When it comes to charging, the EQS will come with a 22 kW three-phase AC charger and DC fast charging up to 200 kW We learn that it will offer support. According to the description of the brand 300 km to range in 15 minutes with fast charging possible to add. In addition, it is among the explanations that there is a new Plug & Charge function that automates the charging and billing process and that this function can be used in the Ionity network in Europe in the first place.

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Mercedes-Benz EQS has adopted many of the technologies of the internal combustion engine S-Class. It is possible to show the head-up display with augmented reality support, the four-wheel steering system that angles the rear wheels up to 10 degrees, and the air suspension system that automatically adjusts both rigidity and height according to the situation.

There are many features in the electric luxury sedan that literally express the word ‘luxury’. We can count many features such as the Burmester sound system with 15 speakers, 11.6 inch screens on the front seat backs, heated and ventilated rear seats with massage function. In addition, the doors of the EQS open automatically when you approach the vehicle – if there is no problem in terms of safety – and automatically close when you press the brake.

We have seen the new generation multimedia system MBUX Hyperscreen, which is included as an option in the interior of the Mercedes-benz EQS. To details on hyperscreen here You can reach our news. Apart from that, a system similar to the S-Class will be included as standard.

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