After Nvidia announced its processors to be positioned on the server side Nvidia shares increase Intel shares had begun to decline as they passed. It was wondered what kind of answer would come from Intel.

Speaking in an interview with Fortune Intel’in yeni CEO’su evaluated the subject that the technology world was curious about.

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Nvidia answered us

Announced last week 3rd generation Xeon SP of his family artificial intelligence Referring to his talents in the title of Pat Gelsinger That Nvidia has answered them underlined.

The name emphasizing the overwhelming superiority of Intel on the processor side with advanced features focused on artificial intelligence, In 2019 producing specialized chip for artificial intelligence That you bought Habana reminded.

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As a result of their aggressive strategy Handshakes with Amazon Stating that he is an example of this, Gelsinger said in the following period. Intel’s given party, not answering announced that he will continue to be.




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