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Apple, Qualcomm, AMD and many other companies that produce processors, controllers and other chips TSMC, lack of chip Until 2022 He warned that he could continue. This development is the company’s president and CEO Xi Wei (CC Wei) specified by.

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TSMC CEO’sunun comments , Intel‘in yeni CEO’su Pat Gelsingereflects the estimates of r. Pat Gelsinger said it was about solving the semiconductor problem earlier this week. it might take a few years he warned about.

Microchip crisis puts companies in a difficult position

Global chip scarcity, car from the manufacturers TV and appliances it has affected everyone, up to its producers. With processor almost all of the industries involved are due to famine shipments had to turn down. Now TSMC’s production facilities More than 100% working at capacity. Company, in the next quarter promises to increase shipments, but according to NVIDIA, Intel and other manufacturers microchip crisis also in the near future to be continued.

TSMC on the other hand, of new production facilities actively to build investment in doing. Possibly, in the near future the company will modernization and its expansion for approx. 30 billion dollars will spend, and in the next three years this amount To 100 billion dollars will be released. Its production capacity How much it will increase is not specified.

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