Published by Electornic Arts and developed by Codemasters. New game of the F1 series announced yesterday evening, but more than the game itself drew attention to the price.

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F1 racing simulation game was announced in 2021, Turkey became apparent price: $ 500

Standard version of the game It is 420 TL on Steam and 500 TL on consoles. Although the console price is not so surprising The Steam price is quite surprising. Because Steam localizes the prices in case the publisher approves. For this reason, large-scale games in our country, due to the increasing foreign currency in recent years, It is sold for around 250 TL.

However, according to the latest news, not only in our country, but also in many parts of the world. prices have increased several times. The previous game F1 2020 was on sale in our country for 92 TL, but second game It was offered for sale with an increase of 357% for 420 TL.. The country with the highest increase Argentina and there too There was an increase of 454%.

Games normally On sale for $ 60 are offered in America and therefore actually still prices in countries like ours, for players abroad in cheap condition. While the first game was sold for $ 11 in our country currently from $ 51 selling. Due to regional purchasing locks Players abroad cannot buy games from our country.

This increase The biggest reason is, of course, EA’s publishing to do. RobotBrush Below you can find the graph shared by the Twitter user named.




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