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Leading car manufacturers to electric vehicles heading and legendary Italian sports and racing car manufacturer Ferrari does not want to stay away from mass electrification. Ferrari CEO John Elkannsaid his company is already working on its first electric car.

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According to Engadget’s report, John Elkann, Under the Ferrari brand announced the launch of an electric car to investors at the annual meeting held this week. Elkann, four years after the all-electric Ferrari, namely In 2025 daylight promised to see. Interestingly, as Elkan’s Ferrari CEO predecessors servingin various controversial statements about electric vehicles they were found. The company never launched an electric car won’t last they indicated or, on the contrary, an electric super car They promised to be the first brand to launch.

We don’t have a driverless car plan

John Elkann About the subject used the following expressions: “We continue to implement our electrification strategy in a multidisciplinary manner. Our interpretation and application of these technologies in motorsport and road vehicles is a tremendous opportunity to bring Ferrari’s uniqueness and passion to new generations.

We started by keeping the bar high. Using our motorsport expertise, we have created the SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider hybrid vehicles that showcase our technical excellence and deliver a great driving experience. They live the best Ferrari tradition in both style and performance. We’re also very excited about our first fully electric Ferrari, which we plan to introduce in 2025, and you can be sure it will be anything the engineers and designers at Maranello could imagine.

Ferrari CEO also autonomous driving He also touched on their issues. Elkann has not yet driverless car in the legislation of different countries and customer preferences, especially if there is no production plan. in the high speed GT class some autonomous driving technologies in models application He promised.

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