With a blog post on the developer channel about a new beta version Microsoftlaunched to make it easier for users to switch between multiple devices by synchronizing browsing and app history across devices. Timeline reveals that it can end the feature.

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Removing sync in Timeline

In the blog post Microsoft: “If you have synced your activity history between your devices via your Microsoft account (MSA), you will no longer have the option to upload new activity to the Timeline. AAD (Azure Active Directory) linked accounts will not be affected. Go back to recent web activities of Edge and other browsers to view web history You can also view recently used files using OneDrive and Office. ” gave his statements.

The timeline and all local activity history will remain in Windows 10, but you will no longer be able to use the advertised “continue where you left off” functionality with the Timeline. This cross-device history and activity synchronization was one of the highlights of the Timeline, which has spread to Windows 10 computers and Android devices using the Microsoft Launcher, but the Timeline was removed from Microsoft Launcher in 2020.

Although the Timeline is still available for the time being, the fact that it has not become very popular among users may cause the company to remove this feature completely after a while.





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