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As usual, of new technologies In the first phase of its introduction, the market has several standard coexists, but over time some of them are observed to converge Electric vehicles When it comes to this, this issue is twice as important. Because automotive companies are quite hasty they behave. This too charging methods including standardization an improvement that requires.

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Of electric vehicles wirelessly The idea of ​​charging is not only related to the development of urban transport, but also to the autopilot features of the vehicles. Because the driver does not charge the batteries of electric vehicles during sleep and rest. be able to fill it up independently must. Wireless technology can use any type of plug that connects the charging cable’s plug to the socket of an electric vehicle. from the robotic arm makes it easier.

5 km can be traveled with 1 minute charge

Business Korea, international standard organizations for wireless charging of electric vehicles five competing technologies He states that he is preparing for evaluation. Three of them Japan offered by companies, but its strength 11 kW they limit it with. This is also wired charging the battery as it is it will take a long time means.

Korean If companies 50 kWa crocodiler the battery of an average electric vehicle that transmits power % 80’ini about in an hour They offered wireless charging technology, filling it. In the case of urban electric transport, a at the traffic light wireless charger placed on the road surface, vehicle a minute during the waiting period, 5 km’lik charge enough to go a way able to. The meeting of the international commission this year July Korean companies will take place in to producers they are waiting to transmit.

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