DDR5 with its standard RAM The fact that the phases will be carried over the memory kits will pave the way for a more stable and clean voltage. This makes it easier to reach high frequencies.

Recently T-Force’s 2.6V’a News came from Netac, the new player of the market, after it announced its memory that can work as much as possible.

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10 000 MHz is already on the agenda

Netac has confirmed that it is running on DDR5 memory capable of operating at 10 000 MHz. In every DRAM 2Gx8 capacity presenting memories CL40 will run on schedule.

1znm (between 10-13 nm) The memories that will be released from the production lines are already Micron’un Based on the early engineering example listed on the website.

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4800 MHz ‘den will start DDR5 In the first samples of the kits already 8400 MHz level has already begun to be listed. It is important to note, however, that higher frequencies can only be accessed on favorable systems.





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