Undoubtedly the most prominent game studio of PlayStation, which attracts attention with its special games Naughty Dog. Studio Uncharted ve The Last of Us It owns important series such as. Recently Jason SchreierThe news about the studio has also gained a little more detail.

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Speaking at the MinnMax Show Jason Schreier, one of the trusted names of the game world, He revealed some details about Naughty Dog’s projects. The studio is now, he said leaving the project in hand for now focus The Last of Us Remake’e kaydırmış case. There are two reasons for this. The first is the studio’s main project just before construction is in the stage which is yet there is not much to do means. The second reason is your studio Wanting to gain a little more experience for PlayStation 5. Currently, a small team is also developing Last of Us’s online mode.

Another striking point among Jason Schreier’s statements is new Uncharted game. As you know, Days Gone 2 was canceled and that studio the new Uncharted game was developing. However, Bend Studio said that they wanted to quit the project and make their own games. they had left the project. In short, the project is again It was up to the Naughty Dog.

However, Jason Schreier says the project is already a it would be a side story and so that we will no longer see the project, will be canceled he said he was thinking





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