In our country, which has become the European leader in the use of crypto money, the state’s moves have started to come to follow all the activity. First, the user information of all stock-based crypto money now requesting Turkey have also prohibits intermediaries.

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Payment with cryptocurrency is prohibited

With the widespread use of crypto currencies, crypto money was used in shopping in our country as well as all over the world. From those who sell homes with Bitcoin, to luxury car distributor Royal Motors, even AVAX We have seen countless examples from the raw meatball shop that accepts payments with.

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However, the Central Bank, which wants to keep the crypto money trade within a certain channel, has completely disabled the payment systems with a regulation published in the Official Gazette today. Not only those who accept payments with cryptocurrencies unprecedented Platforms that provide services to crypto money exchanges, such as, are also affected by this ban.

With this regulation, crypto money mobility will now be made only through banks. In other words, every investor who wants to evaluate the crypto asset in TL or to buy a product must first withdraw its assets to the contracted bank. On the other hand, there are those who say that the stock exchanges are a move to make an agreement with Turkish banks. However, directing the mobility to a certain channel also confirms the taxation rumors.




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