One of the popular FPS game series in the game world Battlefieldnew game Battlefield 6 New rumors continue to come about. Unfortunately, the game has not been officially advertised yet. no official information does not exist.

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The latest rumor is that the game older generation versions dealing with. Previously announced the development of Battlefield 6, and a few more Tom Henderson sharing leaking informationsaid the game will not come to older generation versions. This situation has already been announced in the past months. So it’s not surprising news, on the contrary. it was expected.

Another rumor comes from Xbox Era. Rumor has it that the game from day one Xbox Game Passwill be added to. Tom Hendersan thinks that the reason behind this rumor is that the play did not come to the old generation consoles.

Although it is not surprising that it will not come to the older generation consoles, the game will be It would be quite surprising to be added to Xbox Game Pass and frankly, it should be noted that the probability is very low. Maybe a few months later, even if it wasn’t on release Can be added to EA Play and indirectly added to Xbox Game Pass in this way.




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