Microsoft’a Bethesda After the announcement that it will buy, the number of large-scale purchases in the game world has increased considerably. Now another company instead of buying rumors started to emerge.

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Rumors Bloomberg Japanin from a trusted source but unfortunately not many details are known. Rumor has it Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and many more popular and successful game series developers and publishers Who wants to buy Square Enix there are some large companies.

Unfortunately, who has a that you want and for what purpose they want to buy it is unknown. Undoubtedly, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to this kind of purchase Microsoft. After purchasing Bethesda, you will not be able to make such purchases. that they will continue they said.

However, the second name that comes to mind is Sony. Sony’s both on some issues That he should reply to Microsoft There are also those who think Sony and Square Enix have a good relationship. Square Enix for PlayStation private games is doing. But Square Enix’s last game Outriders, too, from day one to Xbox Game Pass It should not be forgotten that it is coming. So for this topic a little more we have to wait.




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