The recent crisis in the chip world showed how important the right investment is, as well as the growing intense interest. Particularly, with the effect of the pandemic, there is a great dynamism in the chip sector and a record after record is being broken on the production side.

Record equipment sold

According to global reports, semiconductor equipment sales exceeded $ 71 billion in 2020 and broke an historic record. The increase compared to last year was 19 percent. The place where the most sales took place was naturally China.

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China, which started an important move to be independent in the chip industry, bought a record number of equipment last year. Afterwards, the US embargo was not delayed, but this time it turned to second-hand equipment.

Equipment sales in China reached $ 18.7 billion and grew 39 percent. The highest increase was in South Korea with $ 16 billion. Taiwan followed a straight line with $ 17.15 billion. It seems that the Asian continent has an incredible dominance in chip sales.

Taiwan ranks second in the ranking as it is the largest chip caster. Especially with the influence of Samsung, South Korea has experienced a significant increase. The critical point in chip production has not gone unnoticed by South Korean producers.

In the report, equipment manufacturers do not have a share in sales, but Dutch ASML, an important name in the industry, earned 14 billion Euros in revenue last year, with an increase of 20 percent. Consequently, we can say that the income of the producing party has increased.




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