Action role-playing game published and developed by Rovio Darkfire Heroes, made its debut for mobile devices.

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Darkfire Heroes is here App Store ve Google Play over for free is accessible. The size of the game is approx. 280 MB. To the game’s store pages, cover letter and trailer you can find it below.

Darkfire Heroe‪s‬
Darkfire Heroe‪s‬
Darkfire Heroe‪s‬

Darkfire Heroe‪s‬

Rovio Entertainment Oyj

282.1 MB

Darkfire Heroes
Darkfire Heroes
Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes

Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Role Play

Introductory Letter

Gather the teams, set the strategies; Fight in a world of adventure against bosses, dragons and other monsters! Prove your skills with spells and special attacks in this war-filled fantasy RPG adventure. Unlike passive games, the RPG game Darkfire Heroes offers a labyrinthine adventure world where you show your skills against bosses or dragon bosses in every battle.

Upgrade your hero and customize your gear to master the RPG game combat and brawl tactics. Embark on a huge expedition that will lead you against creatures like boss monsters and dragons from the beyond.


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In this RPG fantasy adventure, your battle strategy matters. Be brave, choose the right hero and spells to fight. Surround each hero with magical equipment and get fully upgraded and ready for strategic RPG combat in one mission. With 75 heroes, 20 spells, and hundreds of epic hunter abilities and pieces of equipment, tactics are endless.


Build a team of knight, wizard, archer, warrior, priest to defeat dragons and bosses. In these stories each hero has special attacks and their own RPG fighter combat abilities. In this world, you will decide whether your team can focus on creating area damage, single-target attacks, healing, or doing them together.


Show your hunter skills in real-time combat and become the world ruler of the PVP Arena level. With many PVP game modes, you will never get bored of crushing your friends and players from around the world. Fight for teeth in castles; Play exciting competitions in different game modes. Form your team and become the ruler of the PVP Arena. Climb the rank of Trophy Road and collect loot!


Join the challenges in this adventure, show your hunter skill, fight the killer boss for loot. Destroy giant spiders, bosses and dragons. If your teams are brave, start quests with more difficult levels for stronger rewards and loot.


Enter the fantasy universe of Darkfire Heroes and dive into the epic world of adventure. Explore hundreds of levels in over 10 breathtaking locations. Navigate your team, haunted castles and different labyrinths in stories. Battle through labyrinthine castles in different stories with your hunter skills.


Fight like a hunter against mobs in stories with support from epic players and friends around the world. Join a military clan or recruit the best players from the free realms to create your own clan. Fight other players in the PVP Arena adventure world, win a valuable clan chest every week. Share strategy and heroes in the clan chat.

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