Turkcell, Special for the month of Ramadan Shake and Win launched the campaign. Customers can give free gifts to others by doubling what they earn at Salla Kazan during Ramadan. The double gift campaign has started as of today.

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Special Shake Boiler campaign from Turkcell for Ramadan

A similar campaign was held in Ramadan last year, but for the first time this year, doubling the gift shared and sharing the gift additional shaking right is known.

Turkcell’in Digital Operator You can access Shake Win from the mobile application. One shake is granted every Friday. When you shake it, you are gifted GB, minutes, SMS.

See Also. “10 GB free internet for everyone from Türk Telekom for Ramadan”

Türk Telekom gives 10 GB as a gift

Türk Telekom announced at Sil Süpür that it will present at least 10 GB of internet to all customers during Ramadan. Vodafone has not started a special gift internet campaign for Ramadan yet.




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