The interruptions that started with the drought, especially in Taiwan TSMC Frequent power outages due to weather conditions at Samsung’s Austin facilities while taking his breath away was the salt of this. In the chip crisis, countless sectors are beginning to be hit by a chain, and equipment production is also in trouble.

Getting into a vicious circle

Industry giants are building new facilities and ordering equipment in order to overcome the crisis in chip production. This time, equipment manufacturers are experiencing delays as orders begin to pile up. There will be delays up to 1 year.

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Global chip production equipment orders are delayed for up to 12 months, according to market research. This will delay companies waiting for equipment to increase production. So we are about to enter a vicious circle.

Equipment shortage is experienced in 4 main items. The shipment of the devices that are the basis for the process of soldering the wires to the cards, which is the next step after the chip designs are printed on the plates, has been extended by 10-12. The leader in this field, Singapore-based Kulicke & Soffa cannot keep up with the demands.

Shipment of the cutting machines that divide the plates into the desired chip sizes has also been extended from 1-3 months to 5-8 months. The leader of this field is the Japanese Disco firm. Again Japanese Advantest ve ABD’li Teraydne The testing machines produced by Finally, the shipment of laser drilling machines used in circuit boards has exceeded 12 months. The leader of this field is Mitsubishi.

It is stated that all orders of the leading companies in their field have been filled so far. After this time, the orders of the data will only catch up to next year. The chip crisis, which Qualcomm boss describes as the Perfect Storm, is now moving towards a point where everyone is completely locked up.




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