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Google bought FitbitIs working on a new smart bracelet called Fitbit Luxe. Focusing on offering the ‘most elegant’ wearable device according to the leaked information, the company wants to achieve this with its new smart bracelet.

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Fitbit Luxe will feature a stainless steel enclosure

According to the leaked information and images shared by WinFuture, the new smart bracelet will be offered in three different colors, black, white and pink. Fitbit Luxe Unlike other Fitbit smart wristbands, it will have a stainless steel casing surrounding the OLED screen.

The smart bracelet will have sleep, stress and heart rate tracking, and all the activity tracking features supported by Fitbit’s other wearable devices. In addition, Fitbit Luxe will also include a GPS module. The smart bracelet, which is expected to have a waterproof structure, will be able to notify the user of a message or an incoming call when paired with the phone.

There is no information about other technical details such as the resolution of the screen and battery life in the Fitbit Luxe. The upcoming smart bracelet is expected to be introduced in a few weeks with a price tag of around $ 200.

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