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Google, Of 3D animation released a new tool to learn the basics. Monster Mash, a beginner to turn a simple drawing into an animation project, Disney or Pixar He helps him experience the whole process, until he feels like his employee.

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Monster Mash, more for beginners it is a suitable project and offers them a lot of possibilities. Site, both simple him the complex you can draw a picture and in a few clicks it to revive allowing. Then the finished project is saved to your computer. can be saved or in another software to arrange You can continue.

Source codes are also published

Firstly, movable limbs you need to draw the pointing object. If the angle doesn’t let you see them, to artificial intelligence You can give information about it: a kola or to leg double click and red highlight it with. After completing the drawing 3D animation needs to be converted. The next step is to create a ready-made template. Slope correction at this stage, limb movement and more available.

Developers source code GitHubThey also published in. The process of creating animated scenes simplified looks. However, it is important to learn 3D animation. from the first stages that somebody and it will be useful the basics of techniques Do not forget that it will also help you understand.

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