The upper level that could not achieve significant improvement with the decrease in the number of cores despite the transition to the new architecture Rocket Lake his chips were balled up in examinations.

Rocket Lake is getting cheaper

It seems that Intel has listened to complaints from review teams and users. Core i7-11700K already in Amazon US Dropped to $ 404 case. This price is pretty close to $ 399, which is the price of 1000 pieces of the chip.

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Intel soon begins volume production of Rocket Lake processors

On the Core i7-11700, with a label of $ 339.99, it approached the price of a tray of 323.99 USD. Core i5-11600K is $ 262 The tray is available for $ 264.99, quite close to the price tag.

Core i5-11500 In middle segment solutions with overclocking lock, prices are higher than trie figures. Over $ 10-15 watching.

Low in prices retailers applied from the new product tax The time is quite short, as can be interpreted as a slow step backward. unsuccessful exit more correct to connect.

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Intel’s own processors with price move Despite drowning in dust against Ryzen 5000 processors, which are on the shelves with labels well above the MSRP price own facilities the advantage of will use.




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