About the new iPhone models that Apple is preparing to release this year detail It continues to get clear. This time CAD drawings 3D printed on the basis of iPhone 13 Pro Max Photos showing the model side by side with the iPhone 12 Pro Max have emerged.

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New big iPhone than previous model thicker it will be. As you know, iPhone 12 Pro Max, 7.40 mm had thickness. The continuation model is here 7.65 mmIt will come out with a body of. This is between the two devices. 0.25 mm It shows that there will be a difference in thickness.

Camera sensors are growing

In addition to all this, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a larger than its predecessor. camera unit it will include. We see that there will be an increase in the size of the image sensors. For now camera features Let us remind you that there is no exact information on the subject.

This year, the new generation iPhone series as always September It is expected to be introduced in February. Coronavirus The course of the outbreak will determine the format of the launch event. Company according to the situation open to the press organizing an event or in digital environment will bring their new smartphones to the stage.





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