Oppo until the end of April at the latest Enco Buds It is expected to introduce its new wireless headset. One of the security information sources of the mobile industry Evan Blassposted high quality images of the device.

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Oppo Enco Buds as appearance It looks very similar to the current Enco W11 on the market. While the shape of the microphone holes changes in the new model, the right and left earpieces are placed on the charging case. The letters R and L We see that it has been added.

Will come with Bluetooth 5.2 support

Images released by Evan Blass Oppo Enco Buds white show in color. There is almost no information about the specifications of the wireless headset. For the moment only Bluetooth 5.2 technology, we know it will support.

Oppo Enco Buds’ın charging box When turned on, the headset connection interface will appear on the phone screen. However, this feature is only Oppo branded It is unknown whether it will be exclusive to devices. A little more so that we can learn all the remaining details. we wait will be required.





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