One of Netflix’s popular special productions Castlevaniais the new season of fourth season has been announced for the release date.

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The fourth season of the series by sharing a short video on Netflix’s official Twiter account release date announced. In addition, the fourth season of the series final season announced that it would be. The fourth season of the series Netflix on May 13 will be published on and It will take 10 episodes.

Although this season is the last season, it is upsetting for the fans, but a good news has been shared for the fans. After Castlevania’s finale a new series set in the same universe the future. Although the details have not been disclosed yet only brand new characters will be it was said.

The creator of the series Warren Ellis, in the past years sexual abuse allegations was faced with, and then Netflix itself had removed from the project. We do not think he will be in the new drama. Castlevania may be making a final for this reason, although it is not clearly announced.




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