German automotive giant Volkswagen ID today electric introduced the ID.6 model, the third member of the vehicle family. New Volkswagen ID.6, the younger brother introduced earlier Almost 30 cm longer than ID.4 and it has two different versions, ID.6 Crozz and ID.6 X.

Thanks to its extra length three rows of seats Electric Volkswagen ID.6, which can be purchased with the layout, like other members of the family MEB platform was built on. The total length of the SUV is 4876mm, its width is 1848mm, its height is 1680mm, and its wheelbase is 2965mm. The vehicle’s unladen weight was announced as 2280 kilograms.

When we look at the powertrain, we see that the Volkswagen ID.6 has different power and battery configurations. In the first place rear wheel drive versions come out. Positioned on the rear axle in these versions, 177 or 201 horsepower There is only one electric motor that can produce.

4Motion all-wheel drive The powerful option, which has the feature, has an electric motor on the front and rear axles. Permanent magnet synchronous motors in total 305 horsepower generating power. This means that the electric SUV can accelerate from 0-100 km / h. In 6.6 seconds allows it to complete. If the maximum speed 160 km/s limited to.

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In the new ID.6 58 kWh and 77 kWh battery options are offered. The range provided by these batteries is, respectively, according to NEDC measurements in China. 436 kilometers and 588 kilometers However, we can expect these values ​​to be lower in real conditions. For example, according to more realistic EPA measurements, the 77 kWh battery in ID.4 provides a range of 418 kilometers.

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In the interior of the electric SUV, we encounter a settlement where physical buttons do not have much space. Most of the vehicle-related functions are controlled via the central 12-inch multimedia screen. While the system is kept up-to-date with OTA (over-the-air) updates, it is easier to control with the voice command feature. On the other hand, ID.6 also has a head-up display supported by augmented reality, where the necessary information about driving is reflected on the windshield.

The ID.6 Crozz and ID.6 X models are mechanically identical. In terms of design, there are some minor differences in the front and rear design of the two models. On the other hand, the ID.6 Crozz (orange in the photos) has a slightly higher ground clearance than the other version. In the ID.6 X version, we see that the black plastic inserts are used a little more. In addition to the glass roof feature in these models, the electrically collapsible panoramic sunroof is also on the option list.

Both versions of the Volkswagen ID.6 will be produced and sold in China. China is currently the German manufacturer’s largest electric vehicle market. The company plans to offer eight different electric models to Chinese customers by 2023, including these two versions of ID.4 and ID.6.

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