Announcing that he will enter the game world in the past years Amazon, Unfortunately, despite the investments it has made, it has not been successful yet. The latest news is this success for a while shows they can’t catch it.

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According to the news of Bloomberg, announced 2 years ago Lord of The Rings Online named game, Amazon and TencentIt was canceled due to the failure of an agreement. The game is owned by Amazon Game Studios and Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd. It was developed by a studio called. Tencent, on the other hand, He bought Leyou. Some disputes arose in the last meeting of Amazon and Tencent and the game was canceled.

An anonymous person has been contacted from Amazon and news has been confirmed. If the team working on the game moved on to other projects. The Seattle-based company spokesperson said in a statement. “We love the Lord of the Rings brand. We were disappointed that we could not make this game available to you.” said.

Previously, Amazon’s game division was 500 million dollars it was announced that he spent. There were two games developed by the company, one of them. canceled today. Currently remaining the only game is an MMO named New World. Oh yes several times postponed and that’s why it lowered expectations a lot.




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