One of Konami’s most popular games and definitely one of the most important series in the game world. Metal Gearfrom the official Twitter account of interesting posts is being done. There may be an announcement next week.

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Tom Olsen A Twitter user named Twitter opened his account this month and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty’inside of Pretending to be one of the NPCs Some images from the second game are shared. It only follows 4 different accounts and they are as follows: Konami, Metal Gear Official, Hideo Kojima ve New York Mets.

After Tom Olsen’s posts Picture of Metal Gear account Quoting Tom Olsen, there will be visitors next week said. Of course, this might just be a joke. However, the Metal Gear series has always made interesting announcements and that you like to be mysterious we know.

On the internet, there is not much information or theory about this situation. But the biggest theory to make a remake for old games towards. Next week we will find out whether it is real or not. On Tom Olsen’s account here You can reach by clicking. Also below Sharing of Metal Gear you can see.




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