Final visuals emerging ASUS’a It belongs to the card that miners will enjoy ARGB lighting while mining cryptocurrency.

Expectations for these cards after Nvidia’s first miner special card announcement omitting image output and cost oriented refrigerant tIt was his days. It seems like we were quite wrong as users.


ASUS’s emerging CMP 30HX card simply GTX 1660 Super Dual Evo’yu based on. On the GPU side, the CMP 30HX model, which shares the same chip with the GTX 1660, is quite similar to the original model.

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Kart 8-pinlik PCIe It has a length of 24.2 cm when fed through the power connector. 1530-1785 The VRAM unit accompanying the GPU that will serve in the MHz operating range 6 GB capacity 14 Gbps’lik GDDR6 units.

In addition to not compromising the aggressive design specific to the players in the model, which does not include image output, 2.7-slot volume cooler block giving place is above expectations.

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The most surprising detail of the card is ARGB lighting. With ARGB strip It is not known whether the visually enriched model will be controlled by ARGB software on the software side.




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