Googlea new application that allows you to create links to selected text on a web page. Chrome 90 It makes it easy to share text with anyone you want with its feature. With an extension in June last year, the company started to offer this feature to its users.

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Available with Chrome 90

It has been announced that this feature, which is used to share a desired part in the text instead of the whole text, was added to Chrome 90 with a blog post by Chrome product manager Kayce Hawkins.

The feature works similarly to the previously released extension. When the part you want to share in a text is selected and right clicked on it, between the ‘Copy’ and ‘Search on Google’ options’Copy link to highlightWith the ‘option, special URLs can be sent to the desired people.

Google will use the “copy link to highlight” feature for some users Stating that it is available on desktop and Android devices, he said the feature will come to iOS soon.




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