LEGO Mario, the most admired one of the most recent thematic projects of the LEGO brand, was released last year with a large collection of sets. This year Mario may reunite with his beloved brother Luigi.

Luigi coming?

LEGO Mario Thanks to the sensor at the bottom of the figure, it allows children to play the track even without a Bluetooth connection by reading the barcodes on the road. While the tiny screen on the chest offers many animations, its eyes are also made up of screens.

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LEGO Mario consists of sets that are separate from each other but connected to each other, which is a giant world. An update to the figure this week has revealed an interesting line. When you put the figure in an upright position while sleeping on its back, it speaks several times as “Luigi”.

After the issue spread on social media LEGO He also made a statement and jokingly stated that they would investigate why Mario started looking for his brother. Some sources state that by August 1, the Luigi’s starter set will be available.

Seems like LEGO Mario The success of the series paved the way for the Luigi series as well. Probably Luigi will continue as a new series, so it will not settle under the Mario series, but it seems that they will interact with each other.




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