Google’s in April 2020 Chrome‘and FTP Around the same time that it removed its access, Mozilla announced it would remove it from Firefox. Mozillasupport this first, out of order quitting and in a later version to lift planned.

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FTP authorization will be given to third party applications

Nightly and Beta support on their channels is currently disabled and will be on April 19, 2021. Firefox 88It will also be disabled in the stable version with the release of. Support, Firefox 90In ‘, it will be completely removed. FTP’After disabling Firefox, to the ftp: // protocol for opening connections, as in other protocols external application authorization will give.

Using FTP plugins In order not to be interrupted at nightly Mozilla in the long run, developers will avoid using FTP in their extensions. to give up proposes. However, you cannot use FTP as long as it is enabled. continue developers who want to check if FTP is enabled. browserSettings It is recommended that they use the API.




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