Publisher and developer of the popular game PUBG Of PUBG Corporation The job postings he opened point out to his company that he is working on a new game.

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PlayerIGN As noticed by PUBG Corporation’s website, several job advertisement appeared. According to the advertisements, the company has previously announced a separate project Some recruitments are currently in progress. For announced games having separate job postings It shows that they are working on another game, but still, this is just an assumption, not an official statement.

When we look at the details of the job postings, man and beast We see that you are looking for someone to model. In addition, potential designs include cyborgs, robots and exosuitles is also available. This is a science fiction shows that.

In the system designer posting sci-fi genre shooter It is clearly seen that there is a game. As we said, there is no clear explanation yet, but at least your studio has such a is the attempt we can think.




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