So to speak in the smartphone world “megapixel frenzy“It is happening. The leading manufacturers of the industry have almost been working with each other in order to offer the highest megapixel in their devices. to race they have entered.

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However, you will appreciate that just increasing the amount of megapixels photo quality not enough to raise. Because many smartphones equipped with high resolution cameras are much more advantage We have seen many times that it cannot provide.

No more blindly increasing megapixels

One of the reliable sources of information in the mobile industry Ice UniversePulled out of Samsung’s megapixel race more rational He says he has decided to turn to an approach. So the company is now “blindly“It will not try to increase the amount of megapixels.

South Korean giant instead pixel size with sensor resolution will focus on the balance between. For earlier Samsung smartphones 200 and even 600 We heard that he was developing a megapixel camera. Of these sensors your fate what will happen is unknown.




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