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Sony World Photo Contest, which is shown as the most important photography contest of the year, completed the selections in all its categories. While the category winners were determined, the overall winner of the competition was also selected.

Who won the Sony World Photo Contest?

2021 Sony World British documentary producer Craig Easton was the winner of the Photo Contest. His selection of photographing the lives of people living in the Bank Top region of England brought him the grand prize this year. Craig Easton It also came first in the Professional Photography category.

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Sony World Open pillar photography awards have been announced, and some of our country have ranked

A photographer from Zimbabwe, who previously won the Street Photography category with the pandemic photograph of Dilek Uyar from our country and where individual photographs competed. Tamary Kudita; He came first with his work on African women.

In the competition, there are legs such as Young Photographers with participants between the ages of 12-19, Student Photographers for students under 30, Selection Photographers consisting of special selections, and Professional Photography consisting of documentary-style productions. A 1-hour documentary, in which the winners of the competition and their works were brought together, was also prepared.

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