Tesla CEO’s Elon Muskin autopilot mode. Tesla don’t crash the possibility of a car with a driver 10 times lower and that the company has published to the security report referred to.

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Tesla, one for the first quarter of 2021 security report published . The company has been publishing such quarterly reports since 2018. In this report, miles per collision ratecompares with and without autopilot.

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In the first quarter of this year, solvent every visit 4.19 million miles (6.7 million km) An accident occurred for. In cases where autopilot is not used but security features are enabled, 2.05 million miles (3.3 million km) an accident has been registered for. For those who drive without autopilot and additional functions, every 978 thousand miles (1.57 million km) an accident has been recorded for.

Only highway tests are taken into account

Tesla, these numbers, everywhere in the country 484 bin mil (778 bin km) iStating that there was an accident in China National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationwith the latest data of comparing. However, on most Tesla vehicles equipped with the autopilot (1.0 to 3.0) version, these functions are mainly highway driving when used for national government statistics all traffic situations takes into account. Moreover, the accidents in the city it is seen more often and this is an important detail.

Electrek provides the company’s data to the same period last year and the data came out as follows:

  • With the autopilot on in 2020, every 4.68 million miles (7.5 million km) an accident has been recorded for;
  • With active security features in 2020, 1.99 million miles (3.2 million km) there was an accident for;
  • With the autopilot and safety features turned off, 1.42 million miles (2.3 million km) an accident has been registered for.

Therefore, in the year, you are indeed autopilot in performance there is an improvement, however dissolved It is also clear that the number of accidents has decreased.

Electrek representatives, Elon Musk accident-free work in terms of autopilot than normal driver 10 times better claims that be criticized They state that it should. Because Tesla’s autopilot system is currently only on highways being tested. However, most of the accidents with traffic scenarios has not yet learned how to cope in urban areas occurs.


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