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Researchers, this of whiteof visible light Absorb 99.9%n is the blackest color VantablackHe believes it could be equivalent to. “The whitest paint “ of light Reflects 98.1% and also on the surface removes heat. Available on the market today white dyes sunshine only 80-90% reflects and surface does not cool.

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About A 92 m² roof if you coat it with this paint, this 10 kilowatts it will provide a cooling capacity. As the research team points out, it’s cooling used in most households from air conditioners more strong.

Suitable for commercial production

Of paint exceptional whiteness, also white photo paper and cosmetics also used in the production of high concentration barium sulfate is because of. All barium sulfate particles in the paint are of different sizes. Researchers, of a particle the ability to reflect light to size and the wider particle size range of the paint light spectrum to reflect more that you allow explains.

The whitest paintconventional air conditioners are a possible alternative as cooling paint to improve To the 1970s efforts the result of research based on. The creators of the barium sulfate paint suitable for commercial production He states that. One for paint composition patent application has also been made.

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