Once one of the most popular TV series in the world, now it continues its broadcasting life with a unique audience. The Walking Dead’in 10. sezonu has ended in the past weeks. Season 11 will begin soon. Negan portray your character Jeffrey Dean Morgan also talked about the future of the universe.

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To talk about the tenth and eleventh seasons of the show Conanguest of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, A focus on the Negan character do a side drama what you think and right now a few different ideas he said they were thinking about it.

After the Negan character is added to the sequence one of the most popular characters of the series someone had happened. That’s why there will be a lot of delighted viewers for this series. However, it is just that there is no official statement yet. some ideas are being discussed Let’s remind.

The Walking Dead’in Its 11th season will start on August 22 and the series will be final. For now two different The Walking Dead series announced and one film production stage.





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