AMD’s roadmap, which has emerged recently, revealed the key features of the new APUs to be presented in the upcoming period. Van Gogh’a There are new details about it.

Van Gogh

According to the latest post of Moore’s Law is Dead Van Gogh It will appear in a structure other than the configuration expected to be presented on the PC wing.

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As with current consoles, with Zen 2 architecture cores RDNA 2 The APUs where the architecture iGPU will meet under the same roof From 1 CCX with 4 cores will be formed and TSMC’nin 7 nm will go through the process. The chip’s I / O unit will also be moved to the same package as the CPU-GPU pair. monolithic will result in design.

also To Renoir APUs Similarly, thanks to clipping on the cache side, a more compact structure will be achieved while reducing the cost.

8 CU’dan will occur RDNA 2 Thanks to the integrated graphics unit with architecture, we can say that APUs, which are expected to be more performance than Cezanne in the graphics wing, will fall behind in the general system performance title due to low power consumption and Zen 2 cores.

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Finally, it stands out with its more compact structure than Tiger Lake-U processors’ socket. FP3 Van Gogh solutions that will fit in the socket 7.5-15 wattlk TDP will serve within the budget. If on the memory side RDNA 2 models that are not expected to have Infinity Cache on cards with architecture LPDDR5 will work with memories.




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