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iPhone 12With the launch of Apple, Apple without charger has put on sale and charging adapters of previous models. out of the box also took off. By doing this, the company Copper, kalay and zinc can save you money.

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Now the Cupertino giant, the latest Environmental Progress Reportby not putting chargers in iPhone cases. 861,000 ton copper, zinc and tin saving claims that it can provide. If we add the remaining models to this number, the number To 1 million will be released.

Boxes also got smaller

In addition, the size of the boxes It has been stated that downsizing also contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions. In this case, 70% more iPhone box one to transport pallet can fit, that’s more the traffic and consequently vehicle emissions reducing means.

Apple a year ago carbon dioxide emissions 25.1 million tondan To 22.6 million reduce electricity consumption and also electricity consumption. 13.9 million He had announced that he had reduced kWh.


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