Days Gone, published by Sony and developed by Bend Studio, has been on the agenda of the game industry recently. Also from the author and director of the play interesting explanations came.

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As you know, Sony’s Days Gone 2′There were some reports that he canceled. Writer and director of the first play that quietly left the studio John GarvinMade some statements for Sony’s gaming side.

John Garvin In the interview he attended, “I want to talk about something that will be of interest to the players, even this situation. it will annoy some players. If you like a game buy it at full price. How many times from the players ‘I bought the game on sale’ I don’t know I heard the sentence. If not supported after a game exit Do not complain when the sequel does not come. I personally speak as a developer. I don’t work for Sony. said. Also John Garvin, He also stated that Sony cares a lot about Metacritic points.

What John Garvin said is that many games that Sony has not released explains why it was not published. A game, according to John Garvin When you get the full price, you directly support the developers. PC version of Days Gone It will be released on May 18th.




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