Chinese manufacturers continue to come up with models that are quite interesting and reminiscent of the design language of different brands. Making its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show today Ora Lightning Cat concept is one of them.

Chinese Great Wall MotorsOra, the brand responsible for developing new generation electric vehicles, designed the Lightning Cat concept as a car with curved lines. The design of the car seems to be inspired by Porsche models in general and Volkswagen’s Beetle model at the rear.

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When we look at the design of the Ora Lightning Cat concept, we see that it uses dual-tone body colors, gray and copper. Since the concept is fully electric, the front section is designed as a completely closed panel. On the other hand, we see that small cameras are used instead of traditional side mirrors and embedded door handles are preferred. There is also an active rear spoiler in the vehicle with a solid glass upper part.

A two-tone design prevails in the interior of the concept. In front of the driver is a three-spoke steering wheel with multimedia keys. Behind it, there are round digital displays consisting of three parts. A large multimedia screen is used in the center of the console, and a smaller screen is used under it. On the other hand, seats with integrated headrests and screens on the front seat backs are also among the features in the interior.

The technical features of the Ora Lightning Cat concept are not yet clear, but the four-wheel drive feature allows to two electric motors we know you have. The company also offers the serial production version’s 0-100 km / h acceleration It would be 3.5 seconds claims.




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