Especially in the 2010s, many independent games started to appear. In the years when independent games started gaining popularity, we saw many quality and different games. However, with the increase in the number ordinary and poor quality games the number also increased. As games similar to each other increased, independent developers had to come up with different ideas to stand out. In recent years, on the side of independent games, we saw creative ideas. Especially recently, we have seen many different ideas in terms of war mechanics. The game, which we have presented to you today, also stands out with its battle mechanics. Demon Skin a game named.

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The game published in the past weeks publishing Open Entertainment, its development Ludus is taking over the future. Dark Souls’un A production in which we experience the combat mechanics in a two-dimensional platform game. The game in general low budget and it feels like a simple game, but it must be said that it is very enjoyable.

Let’s start with the most prominent part of the game, the gameplay. There are 6 different directions in the game that you can attack. Three on the right, three on the left. You can attack from above, from the middle and from below from the side your enemy stands on. Likewise the enemies to you It can attack from 6 different regions. Therefore, you have to attack from the side where the enemy is not defending, and you have to defend from the area where the enemy is attacking. In the defense part, I can say that it was a little easier. You don’t need to press any keys to defend, you just have to hold your character at the right angle, then attacks automatically blocked.

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There are also many combos on the attack side and again, these are easy to implement. Also in terms of enemy diversity There are many enemies by design however, most of them attack in common. That’s why you generally feel like you’re fighting the same enemy. The battle portion is briefly promising fun but in a somewhat repetitive structure. The rest of the gameplay is sadly a disappointment. The game makes you feel that it is a low-budget and simple game at every turn. Apart from the combat mechanics, things like platformers and puzzles to enrich the gameplay seem like they were just made. Therefore, the game sometimes annoys you due to technical errors.

The game has a story in the fantasy genre. In the beginning, it obviously starts out in an interesting way, but after a while the events are separated and it is difficult to follow. Unfortunately It’s not a production whose story I can praise but it definitely has a structure that has potential. The game is to reveal a dark power To a warrior who realizes a ritual focusing. The warrior notices the ritual and tries to spoil it. Meanwhile, he accidentally enters the environment where the ritual is taking place, and he turns into the devil. The character by finding various crystals around revert he tries but on the other hand he has to stop the evil.

The environment in which the game took place actually caused a beautiful environmental design. Although again low budget even though it feels like a colorful Gof of War you feel like you are playing. The graphics unfortunately cannot support these designs, but since it is a small studio, it must be said that it is quite sufficient.

Demon Skin is currently Available for PC, of the year PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later on will be published for. Of the game Steam price is 25.00 TL. You can finish the game in approximately 4-5 hours.


To sum up briefly in general, the game has great potential with every feature, but unfortunately this could not use the potential well. The primary reason for this is probably a small studio has developed. I have the game in general a two-dimensional low-budget God of War It made me feel like I was playing. Although Demon Skin even though it has shortcomings I can say it promises fun. If you are a person who likes interesting war mechanics and you like action platform games, you can definitely try it. It definitely deserves its 25 TL price.

I do not really like giving points to games, but since game reviews have a tradition, I can keep up with it. 0 points for bad with everything a disgraceful game, 10 points for complete tremendous game and 5 points in average If we say a game, my score for this game is 5.

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